Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Being an outstanding leader – 5 L’s of leadership (From Pat Gelsinger’s keynote at VMUG Wisconsin)

I have been wanting to write this article since my last visit to Milwaukee for the VMUG Wisconsin Usercon a couple of weeks ago. I was very keen to visit this VMUG Usercon event since Pat Gelsinger (CEO of VMware) was the keynote speaker.

I, like most within the vCommunity, am a big admirer of Pat. VMware’s growth over the past 25 years has been astronomical and Pat has served as its CEO for majority of this time. So, I was glad to listen to his Keynote.

During his keynote, he talked about various projects and initiatives VMware was working on but also had a section where he described the qualities he looks for in leaders. Wanting to learn to be a good leader myself, I pulled out my phone to take a picture of this slide!

Here are Pat Gelsinger’s 5 L’s on Leadership –

-       Listens – A good leader listens. They listen with an open mind to their peers, employees and most importantly their customers.

-       Learns – A good leader never stops learning and building new skills. In this day in age, technology goes obsolete in a few years. The leader must be motivated to learn and stay up to date with the changes.

-       Lifts – A good leader lifts his employees by motivating them and providing them with the opportunities to succeed.

-       Links – A good leader links effectively by building great relationships. They also ensure their employees work well together as a team.

-       Loves – Above all, a good leader must love what they do. They should be passionate, because seeing a passionate leader is what motivates the employees.

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