Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Upgrading to vSphere 6.7 U1

vSphere comprises of 2 components – VCSA (vCenter server appliance) and ESXI.

VMware over the years have made it simple to upgrade the vCenter server appliance. In the past, when using a vCenter installed on Windows, it was always easier to create a brand new vCenter rather than update the existing server.

Now you can easily upgrade vCenter through VAMI(vCenter Appliance Management Web Interface). 

Upgrading VCSA

We first start with the upgrade of the VCSA. The VCSA can be updated through the VAMI (vCenter Appliance Management Web Interface).

1)    Access the VAMI. It can be accessed through port 5480

It will look as follows -

You can see from the screenshot above that 6.7 U1 is available.

2)    Click on “Stage and Install

3)    Now you’re up and running on VCSA 6.7 U1. Literally a 2 step process!

Upgrading your ESXI host to 6.7 U1

Now that VCSA is upgraded, you can now update the ESXI hosts.

1)    Go to Update manager –

2)    Create a new baseline

3)    Name the Baseline

4)    Attach the ESXI image and finish

5)    Now we attach our baseline and remediate.

6)    Once it is remediated, you will notice that the ESXI host is on 6.7 U1

Now it’s time to play with vSphere 6.7 U1. After plating with it for a couple of days, I will write a blog on the new features.

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