Sunday, July 22, 2018

Highlights from AWS Summit - NYC

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to go to my first AWS summit in NYC. It was a great learning experience for me because it helped me get insights into the AWS eco system and see all the latest and greatest technologies out there.  

I’ve found that I learn a lot faster when I attend conferences; talking and interacting with the people much more effective than learning by seeing videos or reading articles. There were over 100 sessions on a single day, where we could learn AWS best practices and stories directly from users of the AWS platform.

The highlights of the show were -

1)    AWS provides abundant value on the various fronts to customers. The business case for cloud goes beyond just the cost. Most organizations use cloud as a platform to reduce time to market and increase app availability. The AWS framework helps reduce risk, increase agility and efficiency within a datacenter.

2)    More and more it can be seen that Hybrid cloud will play a major part in the design of our architecture. With the popularity of hybrid cloud rising, it is important to note that monitoring is going to play a key role as people want to have a single pane of glass view for all their applications through the hybrid cloud. At the show nearly 40% of all vendors in the expo hall were monitoring vendors.

3)    AWS lambda is going to be a big deal! Lambda could bring in a new era of app development and cloud-based hosting where you can run code without provisioning an EC2 instance. Its an event driven platform which runs when an event is triggered.

4)    VMware cloud on AWS is just wow! At the AWS summit in NYC VMware on AWS announced the ability to utilize direct connect. This way the hybrid cloud setup will have higher bandwidth. During the show I talked to many people who were considering moving towards VMware cloud on AWS. This way, they could use their existing resources towards their cloud strategies.

I also met folks from the vCommunity and VMUG’s at the show. It was great having wonderful conversations and being able to learn from their perspective the value add that AWS/VMware provides to their organizations.


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