Saturday, July 7, 2018

First Look into VMware Cloud on AWS

Initially as I read about VMWare on AWS, I assumed there would be a lot of difference in the way we operated vCenter on-premise to the cloud vCenter. However, there are a lot of striking similarities between the two. VMware on AWS is a treat for anyone who is extremely familiar with VMware products such as vCenter, vSphere and NSX; and have a requirement to move these services onto the cloud.

I have been trialing VMC on AWS for the past 10 days and it was simple to get used to the solution.

The VMC console is very intuitive. Logging into the dashboard you quickly get an overview of the infrastructure details (CPU, Memory and Storage).

From here you can drill to see the number of hosts and usage. VMware is running on a bare metal host within AWS and you have access to this blade. vCenter, vSAN and NSX are installed within this host.  

The network tab provides a map of all inter-connections within the environment from the VMC to on-prem/Internet.

From this view, it is very easy to add a VPN between the management/compute gateway to on-prem.  The firewall rules to the VMC vCenter are setup from here.

With VMC on AWS, VMware has stopped support to the flash version and moved towards the beautiful HTML5 version. The HTML5 vCenter is plain, well-designed and fast to use.

I was happy to see the ease with which we can deploy OVF templates.

Once the template is deployed, we can request a public IP and assign it to the appliance. We also need to ensure the firewall rules are set so the appliance can be accessed. By default, the firewall rule is to deny all.

Moreover, uploading files into the datastore was fast.

VMWare on AWS is a great bridge for people with existing VMware knowledge that would like to move workloads to the cloud. Due to the familiar interface, administrators will find it easy to make the switch.

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