Monday, July 30, 2018

Connecting On-Premise VMWare environment to AWS

In one my previous article I talked about how VMware on AWS will revolutionize the hybrid cloud experience for enterprises. In the meantime if you would like to get started with exploring more about hybrid cloud, you can check this article out.

I extended my VMware lab environment into AWS simply by using a VPN router. I purchased a $170 Ubiquti router. I find Ubiquti to make reliable and cost effective. The model of the router is EdgeRouter4.

Here is the link –

Here is the diagram for the environment to be created -

If you didn’t already notice, I’m too lazy to draw this out on the computer so its hand drawn. 

For AWS –
1)    Create VPC and subnets

2) Create Customer gateway using you on-prem IP address –


3) Create a new Virtual Private gateway and attach it to the appropriate VPC.

4)    Now create your VPN connection, select the appropriate customer Gateway. AWS will generate 2 tunnels and they will say “Down”

5)    Now configure the Ubiquiti router from the link below –

6) Finally, when the VPN router connects to AWS, you will see the tunnels show “UP”


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