Monday, April 23, 2018


Hi Guys, I'm a technical marketing engineer at Uila - an application centric infrastructure monitoring solution. As a TME, I come across various cool tech and I get to go to a lot of trade shows and conferences. These conferences such as VMUG's, Interface, Microsoft Tech Summit, etc. give me a lot of insights on the direction of the market.

Moreover, I get to work with a lot of customers, from whom I learn various innovative tricks. Some of these ideas are quite fascinating and produce some "Why didn't I think of it moments?".

These days I've been absorbed by multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments connecting my internal VMWare environment to Azure and AWS, to generate workloads. The more I learn, I find so many more interesting applications.

I named this blog Datacenter Dummy, because I am a "Dummy". I experiment only by trial and error; and I'm not hesitant to say I don't know. As I tinker with various tools and come across new methods, I will write about them. The main goal of my blog is to share the knowledge with the community, because by giving you get valuable suggestions, inputs and unique ideas.

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